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Handling Sandblasted Glass

Milestone Mfg. always recommends shipping sandblasted glass in dry conditions. The transporting of sandblasted glass in rainy conditions should always be doe in an enclosed vehicle or truck. Sandblasted glass with the standard interior sealer coating should never be allowed to get wet. If for some reason the seal coated surface should get wet, it should be patted dry with clean paper towels. Water should never be allowed to stand on the glass for any length of time. Sand blasted glass should always be installed in dry conditions.

While handling sandblasted glass during transport, storage, or installation, it is always advised to handle with a minimum of contact to the sandblasted surface. Always attempt to handle the glass by the edges. If the sandblasted surface is to be touched, it is recommended to handle with clean, cotton gloves. Regular work gloves or rubber gloves could already contain contaminates that could be transferred to the glass. Never apply a suction cup the sandblasted surface.

Ensure that any storage or staging areas are also clean and free of any potential contaminates and that Milestone Mfg.'s recommended storage instructions are understood. Also ensure that all frames are clean and contaminate free. Ensure the glass is clean and free of any defects prior to installation, especially in areas that have limited access after installation. Avoid any scraping of the glass with itself or other foreign objects. Never apply any type of adhesive labels, tape, or rebound pads to the sandblasted surface. If the sandblasted glass needs to be cleaned, ensure all of Milestone Mfg.'s recommended cleaning procedures are thoroughly understood.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the sandblasted glass remains in a pristine condition from pick-up at our facility, until the final installation. Attention to all details of care and handling will ensure the final installation to be defect free.

Milestone Mfg. does not recommend shipping or storing sandblasted glass in crates.

It is the customer's responsibility to understand and disseminate all the appropriate handling, transporting, storage, and cleaning instructions to all those in their organization and to the end user of the sandblasted glass.

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