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Job Order Requirements & Information

Milestone Mfg. Would like to provide the following information and guidelines when placing an order or requesting a quotation.

Please ensure that any request for quotation includes the following required information; a list of all glass sizes, the type and thickness of the glass, if the glass has any special edge fabrication, the desired etch texture, and the desired type of sealer (it is the ordering customer's responsibility for specifying the correct type sealer). For glass that is to be sandblasted with a pattern, please include a dimensioned layout drawing that defines the pattern. Any glass that requires a particular side to be sandblasted must be accompanied by a drawing indicating the sandblast side at the time of order. Sandblasting on mirror can be done on the face, or the backside, and must be indicated at the time of order.

A layout drawing must also accompany glass that is to be sandblasted with a graphic image. Usable computer-based electronic artwork files are required for graphic images. A usable image is a vector based line art image. A bit-map image (.jpg) is not sufficient for our use. Milestone Manufacturing can assist in the creation of usable artwork. Artwork should be supplied at the time of the quote request so Milestone can review the suitability of the artwork. Usable file types include Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.ps), Corel Draw (.cdr), and/or Encapsulated Post Script (.eps). File transfer from CAD programs (.dxf) do not always provide a perfect image and may need some modifications.

When specifying the sandblasted etch texture, please use the terms; extra-fine (mimics satin glass), standard (or fine), medium, or coarse. Terms such as "heavy" and "light" are not recognized by Milestone. When indicating the desired sealer, please refer as; Standard Interior Sealer, or Renewable Exterior Sealer (also for wet environment interior applications). Please call Milestone if you are unsure of the compatibility of the desired texture to the glass type. Also call regarding any questions about the proper seal coating. Seal coated glass must be allowed to dry overnight prior to transport.

Milestone creates stock 8"x 8" texture samples on standard ¼" glass. These samples are free of charge in limited quantities. Custom texture samples can be created on your glass. Custom pattern samples can also be created on your specific glass. Most of these custom samples are at an additional charge.

For insulated glass units, Milestone recommends sandblasting the glass prior to the fabrication of the unit, thus allowing the sandblasting to be put to the inside the unit. Milestone typically does not apply sealer to this type of glass.

Any pre-applied masking will be sandblasted at Milestone's discretion and done at the customer's own risk. Glass will be deemed completed after sandblasting and it will be the customer's responsibility to remove any pre-applied masking. A signed written waiver may be required.

Milestone waives all liabilities against breakage when sandblasting your glass. All types of glass become significantly more fragile after the sandblasting process and must be handled with additional care. The sandblasted surface is also more susceptible to damage than the surface of regular smooth glass. Sealer coatings can also be damaged through improper handling. Please consult our other product documentation for the correct handling procedures. Milestone will verify any missing or vague information prior to the sandblasting of the job. Milestone will replace any glass that is blasted incorrectly on our account.

Milestone also sandblasts wood and metal for architectural applications. We also offer specialty glue chipping, antique mirror creation, gilded glass, and limited runs of painted glass.

In most cases, glass is to be supplied by the customer and can be delivered or drop shipped to us. In most cases, have glass shipped to us "loose lite". Please have large lites shipped in a horizontal position. Milestone also accepts shipments on "A" racks and in crates. Please inform us if the finished glass is to be repacked on the "A" rack, or be re-crated. Uncrating and re-crating of glass is at an additional charge.

Milestone does not offer any on-site sandblasting services. Milestone typically does not order glass. Milestone does not offer any delivery services. All orders are for Will Call. Third parties may will-call your glass with your permission and notification to Milestone.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Please consult our other product documentation for thorough instructions on care, handling, transporting, storage, and cleaning of sandblasted glass products.

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