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Storing Sandblasted Glass

Milestone Mfg. highly recommends not storing any sandblasted glass products. It is our recommendation to coordinate your job installation so that the sandblasted glass can be picked up from us, then delivered to the jobsite and immediately installed. The glass is a lot less likely to be damaged after installation. Other trades should be notified of the installation of the sandblasted glass and to use extreme care if working in its vicinity.

The handling and transporting of the sandblasted glass is the time when it is most susceptible to damage. The lower the amount of handling the better. It is never recommended to leave sandblasted glass tied or staked onto your truck overnight. When stacked the prolonged pressure of the buttons in contact with the sealer coating can result in a mark on the sealer. If glass needs to be stored, it should be carefully stacked on an "A" rack and spaced apart. We recommend spacing apart with ¼" "U" shims. Do not separate the glass with paper or corrugated cardboard, as this to can leave a ghost image on the seal coated surface.

Any sandblasted glass that has been re-crated for shipment must be unpacked in a timely manner. Crated glass should be removed and stacked with spacers on an "A" rack until time of installation.

If the sandblasted glass is to be stored at the jobsite, it should be done in the same manner and away from the traffic of other trades. Such storage should be labeled as a delicate item.

Any and all storage is at the customer's own judgment and risk. Milestone Manufacturing will not be held liable for any damages to stored glass.

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