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Standard Terms and Exclusions

All quotations and accepted purchase orders are subject to all the following terms and conditions:

  • Milestone Mfg. can decline any quote or submitted purchase order at any time and without cause.
  • Quotes are given from complete, written request only. Quote requests must indicate glass size and type, thickness, and quantity. Requests must also include any fabrication details such as holes, cutouts, bevels, polished edges, or any other specific details. Details of patterns, graphics, logos, etc. must also be supplied at the time of request. A detail drawing is required for any out of square or handed glass, indicating whether the sandblasting is to be on the face or backside as shown. Milestone will not do any work from verbal instructions. All instructions must be supplied in writing, do not right instructions on the glass itself. Any price approximations given over the phone must be followed up with written pricing to be valid. Any changes, additions, or exclusions from any quote given, will be subject to re-quotation. Quotes are good for 90 days unless otherwise stated within the quote. Always reference quote number on any correspondence. Payment terms will be designated on quote. Accounts not paid in a timely manner may be changed to COD status. Milestone will not accept any jobs with liquidated damage liabilities. All quotes are null and void if any type of penalty clause is attached or will be attached. Cancellation of any job in process will be subject to reasonable fees determined by Milestone.
  • Milestone Mfg. currently offers 4 different sandblast textures. They are referred to as; Extra-Fine, Fine (standard), Medium, and Course. Terms such as "light" and "heavy" are not terms used by Milestone. Not all textures can be applied to all types of glass. Texture applications in regards to glass type can be discussed with Milestone. Tempered glass can be sandblasted and is done after the tempering process. Tempered logos will be preserved. Texture samples available on request, or created on your specific glass type. Special handling, transporting, storage, cleaning, and maintenance are required for sandblasted glass. It is the customer's responsibility to understand the correct handling of sandblasted glass. It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure the end user of the product is informed on correct handling. Milestone Mfg. offers a limited warranty for the seal coating only.
  • Milestone Mfg. recommends having all sandblasted glass seal coated, with the exception of the sandblasting occurring on the #2 or #3 surface of an insulated glass unit. Sandblasting for insulated glass should be done prior to the fabrication of the unit, so the sandblasting can be inside the unit. Milestone offers 2 types of sealer coating, one for dry interior applications, the other for exterior or moisture prone environments. It is up to the customer to specify the desired sealer coating. Seal coated glass requires special handling and cleaning practices which can be provided upon request.
  • Milestone Mfg. masks all polished edges, unless instructed otherwise. Polished edge masking is at an addition charge if not indicated in original quote.
  • Milestone Mfg. offers a variety of patterns and stock designs. Additional custom patterns or designs can be developed by Milestone. There are a wide variety of design idea resources available. Milestone can aid in the transition of a reference image into a design for sandblasted glass. Many samples are available for viewing in our showroom. Customers wishing to refer their clients to our showroom are welcomed by appointment. Pricing will only be discussed with permission.
  • All sandblasting is done in our facility. Milestone does not offer any on-site sandblasting services. Glass is to be delivered or drop shipped to Milestone, and is for Will Call upon completion. All completed jobs must be picked up in a timely manner. Milestone does not offer any delivery services. All accounts with COD terms must be paid for at Will Call.
  • All glass is to be delivered to Milestone "loose lite", unless other pre-arrangements have been made. Uncrating and/or re-crating glass is at an additional charge.
  • Milestone Mfg. thoroughly inspects all sandblasted glass for full uniformity and only releases glass in a pristine condition. All glass should be inspected by the receiving agent, and in signing of the Shipping Record, agrees that glass has been received in this condition. Milestone will assist in the loading of glass but the receiving agent is responsible for the securing of glass for transport. Glass should be re-inspected prior to installation. Glass in a non-pristine condition should not be installed. It is not advised to transport sandblasted glass in wet conditions.
  • Milestone Mfg. takes every care and precaution in the handling of all glass in our possession and throughout the sandblasting process. Milestone will not be held liable for any accidental damage or breakage of your glass in our facility. Some glass types are more susceptible to damage or breakage than others, such as thin tempered, or laminated glass. However, Milestone will replace any glass sandblasted incorrectly per the customer's instructions. Milestone assumes no responsibility for any damage after leaving our facility. Milestone assumes no responsibility for sandblasted and seal coated products used outside of their customary intended function. Sandblasted glass and sealer coatings are not UL approved and Milestone assumes no responsibility or any liability for any product used in an improper manner.

If any of these terms or conditions are unclear, feel free to contact Milestone for further elaboration at (510) 581-7400.

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