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Transporting Sandblasted Glass

Transporting sandblasted glass poses an opportunity for the sandblasted surface to be damaged or compromised. Understanding the proper handling techniques will greatly reduce the chance of damage during transporting. Sandblasted glass requires a higher degree of care in handling than regular glass. This extra attention to care becomes more cost effective than the time and money required to fix compromised product.

Milestone Mfg. will always discourage the transporting of sandblasted glass during wet or rainy conditions, unless transported inside an enclosed vehicle. It is always best to schedule pick-ups during dry conditions. Glass can be plastic wrapped by the receiving agent, but is no guarantee of full moisture resistance. If sandblasted glass becomes unavoidably wet, pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towels immediately after transporting and space glass apart to facilitate the further release of any captured surface moisture.

Do not allow sandblasted glass to maintain extended contact with paper or plastic packing or spacer buttons. Avoid the use of cork buttons with sandblasted glass. Separate the individual lites if glass is to be stored longer than a few hours. It is not advised to leave sandblasted glass stored on a truck overnight whether inside or out.

During transport, load the glass with the sandblasted surface facing outward and with the smooth side of the glass against the support rack. Glass with double sided blasting should be protected with clean cardboard between the glass and the rack. When staking the glass, place a paper towel between the stake pad and the sandblasted surface. When tying, use clean, non-abrasive ropes only. It is not recommended to transport any glass lying flat or at extreme angles.

Handle all laminated glass and 1/8" tempered glass with extreme care as it becomes very fragile after sandblasting.

Do not attempt to clean the sandblasted surface prior to fully understand all cleaning instructions. Do not install any glass that is damaged or defective. It is the customer's responsibility to understand and disseminate all the appropriate handling, transporting, storage, and cleaning instructions to all those in their organization and to the end user of the sandblasted glass.

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