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Milestone Mfg. Limited Warranty for Sandblasted Glass

Milestone Manufacturing ensures that all sandblasted and seal coated glass, released from our facility, has been thoroughly inspected for full uniformity and to be free of any defects. All products have also been inspected and accepted by the recipient to be free of any defects.

Milestone Manufacturing warrants our spray applied polymer sealer coating (part no. 7325) against peeling, flaking, chalking, yellowing, or discoloration for a period of 10 years, from the date of manufacture, on all interior installations. Milestone does not warrant the 7325 seal coating if installed in an exterior application, or in a high humidity/wet interior environment. Milestone Manufacturing recommends the use of our renewable, wipe-on sealer coating (part no. 9473) in such environments.

Milestone Manufacturing's limited warranty does not include any subsequent damage to the sealer coating or the sandblasted glass itself. Damage can include, but is not limited to; scratches or abrasions to the glass, stains from contamination, airborne or chemical contamination, improper or over cleaning, prolonged or repeated contact wear, or normal wear and tear.

Milestone Manufacturing's limited warranty will become null and void, if determined by Milestone, that the failure, or damage to the sealer coating, has been caused by mishandling or improper cleaning procedures.

Any and all warranty claims for any sealer coating failure will require inspection and review by Milestone Manufacturing to determine the nature of the failure and subsequent warranty application.

If Milestone determines that the sealer coat product has not performed as outlined, Milestone will refund the cost of the applied sealer coating, re-sandblast the glass and apply new sealer coating, or sandblast new glass with seal coating at no charge. Not all types of sandblasted glass can be re-sandblasted. This determination will be made by and at the sole discretion of Milestone. Re-sandblasting will require glass removal, transportation to and from Milestone Manufacturing, and reinstallation by others. Milestone Manufacturing's limited warranty does not cover any expenses incurred in the removal, transportation, damage, or re-installation of the glass in question.
Milestone will not be responsible for any costs, fees or other charges associated with this warranty, which exceed the original invoiced amount of the sealer coating at the time of manufacture for a particular job.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to:

Milestone Manufacturing LLC
1273 Industrial Parkway West #550,
Hayward CA, 94544.

Phone (510) 581-7400
Fax (510) 581-9903

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